By John Jourdane


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The Whitbread Round the World Race.  The longest, most grueling yacht race on earth.  For 33,000 miles and nine months, the crews raced their boats through gales, blizzards, and icebergs.  This is John Jourdane’s extraordinary true-life adventure of the 1989/90 Race on the 82-foot New Zealand ketch, “Fisher & Paykel.”

What others are saying about the book:
“An adventure yarn filled with terror, laughter, and the bond between crews. Don’t miss this boat! – Chris Caswell, Senior Editor, Yachting Magazine
“Jourdane’s ability to bring the reader onboard is fantastic.” – Robbie Haines, Olympic Gold Medalist in Sailing
“The superbowl of offshore racing. A first-rate sea tale that is hard to put down.” – Herb McCormick, Senior Editor, Sailing World Magazine
“A book for anyone who has ever dreamed of going to sea” – California Sailor Magazine



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John Jourdane, 13962 El Dorado Drive, 60J ,Seal Beach, CA 90740

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To a sailor, understanding weather is as important as boat preparation and knowing how to tack.  Knowing what the weather is going to do can make the difference between a having a safe and comfortable voyage or a perilous, bad experience.  
Marine weather is a very complex body of information that professional meteorologists spend their lives learning.  This book is an attempt to translate that information into an easily understood and easy to use form for the everyday sailor.  
The purpose of this book is to sort through all the thousands of websites and programs, and share the few really important things a sailor needs to look at while planning a race or voyage. Then how to bring that information onto the boat at sea.
Topics covered:

  • Weather forecasting history
  • Weather basics
  • Synoptic-scale weather
  • How to read weather maps
  • Weather models and Grib files
  • Satellite images
  • Local conditions
  • Using clouds to predict weather
  • Marine communications
  • Where to get marine weather
  • Getting weather aboard boats
  • Weather Routing

"Terrific book.  I read it cover to cover and think it is perfect for today's sailors." - Stan Honey - Winning navigator - Volvo Ocean Race and Jules Verne Trophy.  Rolex Yachtsman of the Year and Sailing Hall of Fame member.

“Modern Weather for Sailors is where to go if you don’t know what a grib is, or where to acquire a NOAA weather fax, or how to avoid those squalls on the horizon.  A superb navigator and excellent writer, John Jourdane applies his vast experience and knowledge to bring us up to date on the new fast-developing world of modern weather forecasting.” - John Rousmaniere – author of The Annapolis Book of Seamanship, Fastnet, Force 10, and A Berth to Bermuda.


By John Jourdane
By John Jourdane


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Hop aboard for a wild sail across the oceans of the world with John Jourdane, author of Icebergs Port and Starboard.  This book chronicles 45 years of John’s life sailing the oceans of the world.
Travel from sailing 8-foot dinghies in California to sailing with Kings in Europe; from the trade winds of Hawaii and Tahiti to racing around the world in the icy Roaring Forties near Antarctica; from cruising the beautiful atolls of Micronesia to visiting the wild game parks of South Africa.

What others are saying about the book:
“John Jourdane is an old friend, a wonderful sailor and navigator, but more importantly, a wonderful teller of tales of the sea, and the slightly crazy individuals who find it to be a race track.  This is a terrific book.” – Roy E. Disney
“Sailing with Scoundrels and Kings is one entertaining book.  A fine shipmate, a brilliant navigator, and a sailor with a remarkable history of brave, colorful voyages, John Jourdane knows how to tell wonderful stories of boats and sailors..” – John Rousmaniere, author of Fastnet, Force 10, After the Storm, and The Annapolis Book of Seamanship
“Great Reading! Jourdane shows when you sail the Seven Seas, you don’t have to look for adventure, it finds you.” – Rich Roberts, Sailing World Magazine

For an autographed copy send a check for $25 to:

John Jourdane, 13962 El Dorado Drive,  60J, Seal Beach, CA 90740

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